Off Our Needles is a talk show-style YouTube series produced by Craftsy that deals with all things knitting. As the season 3 copywriter, I created marketing and branding content for all 21 episodes. My copy promoted the show on multiple channels including YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and, and contributed to the 90% rise in views experienced over the season.

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Season 3 was launched with a holiday campaign designed to raise brand awareness through the use of social media. For this campaign, I created eleven memes that redirected to a feature gallery.

The feature gallery was populated with useful content from the show and Craftsy blog that we hoped knitters would engage with over the holidays.

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Over the course of season 3, I continued to develop and redefine the brand voice through episode descriptions and feature galleries.

Season 3 was ultimately a success, and saw 90% rise and views, and 150% rise in shares compared to the previous season. Purchases also went up 60%, driving revenue up 6%.